Who is better to place your Botox treatment than a dentist? Dentists are experts in facial anatomy.

The Piedra Dentistry team is ready to help you refresh your smile expression at your next dental appointment.

Botox is a safe and simple cosmetic treatment.  It’s popularity is soaring.  Dentists are highly trained in oral and maxillofacial areas.  This makes them uniquely situated to both consult and administer treatment based on your goals.

The convenience of Botox placement paired with a dental cleaning is ideal.  We will sweeten the experience with paraffin wax for your hands while you relax and recline in the treatment chair.

Smooth wrinkle lines and bring youthfulness back to your smile!

The Piedra Advantage Membership Program

Dental insurance is expensive, dictates care and is not available to everyone. Our goal is to give you access to dental membership, as an insurance alternative, with extensive benefits. This plan allows you to receive the care you desire at a more affordable price.